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* Control the ancient mummy of an Egyptian Pharaoh.

* Survive the citizen assault and show your supremacy before mortals.

* Get your hands on modern weaponry.

* Fly free around the city with your bandage wraps.

You were an exhibit at a local museum of ancient history. Tourists has broken the seal and the sacred curse woke you up. You are an offspring of immortal gods and now you lust for blood of those who woke you up. Show the city your true anger. Make people suffer and run in fear out of you. Let everyone know the true power of an ancient magic.

* Jeep\robot transformations.

* Dynamic shooter with rpg elements.

* Stunning animations.

Everyone loves classic Jeep. Now it will be even more cool because it’s a robot! Take a part in a fatal fight between humanity and robots. Prove that Jeep is made of the real steel not just a trash can. Smash your enemies in a jeep form. Destroy them in your robot warrior for. Chose your favorite gun among modern weaponry, laser gun, bazooka, minugun. Super robot challenges around the city. Find and complete them to gain best experience boost. Join the robots war today and become the legend.

* Space themed car thief game.

* Rich 3D graphics and realistic physics.

* New models of destroyable vehicles.

* Wide selection of new weapons!

* Large map to explore.

Sequel of sensational game with millions of downloads! Get the control of the orbital station and save the galaxy! Fight through endless enemies and use all your weapon arsenal to succeed. Play a role of a gangster on an immense fields of space station. Extreme hard battles, spaceship flights, futuristic vehicles and much more. Join the whole world of greed and headhunt in a future.

* Bliz connection!

* Customizable fighters. Army special forces and free fighters.

* Large location with lots of camping spots.

* Balanced modern weaponry.

* Hand grenades for more action!

Complete deathmatch madness on the battlefield. Watch you back while trying to survive the standoff. Go prepared for anything or go dead. Show your true warface. Join the global war today! And don’t forget to chat and share emotions!

* Eye lasers, superhero cloak, levitation!

* Fights with future robots.

* Epic game with certified superhero!

There is a lot of crimes in the city and people need a true hero as their defender. The real avenger. The one who will avenge all the pain of local citizen. Join the tribunal squad. The league of super humans on guard of justice! Train your champion to become the storm of local gangs. Upgrade your skills to defeat even angry armored robots. Prove your enemies that you are a true superhero and nor bullets nor missiles nor lasers can get you down! Be the hero today!

* A new unit arrival in the NAXEEX robot universe.

* Meet the AirBot Sushka!

SU-30 jet fighter of the ultimate class. Fully armed and ready for all kind of fights. Tense dogfights and tactical land operations. Heavy weaponry assault or brute metal force. Control your bot and bring peace to the city of crime. Master the warfare of a modern war machine pilot. Upgrade your mobility, armor and firepower. Learn air tricks and maneuver technics. Become the legendary ace pilot today!

* Heavy artillery war machine at your service.

* Variety of different quest. Complete them and evolve.

* Modern weaponry at your disposal. Laser, Gatling minigun, Nuclear bazooka.

Military forces are afraid to use you in city combats because the damage you are capable to deal may be larger than the problem itself. But today there are no other options. Arm yourself, and rage into the hard combat of armored steel. Smash your enemies with an iron hand of war justice. Show everyone who’s the man!

* New map.

* Reworked battle system.

* More weapons, more cars, more secrets.

* New AI system.

* Reworked skills tree.

New adventures of stickman ropehero in the dangerous city. More evil clones. More different weapons. More cars. More of everything. Again your appear among of evil replicants. Destroy your enemies with all the explosive arsenal at your disposal. Get hot cars and run over other stickmans. Find friendly copies who will give you tasks and rewards. Participate in the stickman war now!

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Our company has been developing mobile action games for iOS and Android. Every day our game is played more than a million people around the world. We are constantly developing and set ourselves new, each time more complex tasks. We are interested in use of the mobile device to the maximum, to create large worlds, giving the player a wide range of possibilities. The staff of the organization is constantly growing and we recently moved into a spacious office in Akademgorodok. We develop interesting projects of varying complexity. We have a job for a beginner trainee and experienced employee. Office in Akademgorodok, Arbuzova street 1/1, next to the final stop.


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